Why Pre-Plan?

By making your decisions ahead of time, you maintain control of both your funeral arrangements and their cost.

Our passing is inevitable. Sooner or later the decisions about your funeral and burial arrangements have to be made. In order to spare loved ones of the financial and emotional burdens at the time of death, some families have been forced to choose funeral plans designed to benefit the funeral provider and not the family.


Funeral Pre-planning is a thoughtful, prudent thing to do.

Pre-planning enables you to make those decisions yourself, clearly expressing your wishes in advance, and sparing your family from having to make those decisions at a difficult time. Pre-planning is also very practical, it allows you to save money.

For those who choose The Consumers Choice PlanSM, there is an added advantage of being able to specify your desire for a funeral and burial in your tradition.

Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning

  • Assures that your final wishes will be carried out in the proper tradition
  • Eliminates financial and emotional burdens for your family
  • Spares survivors from the dangers of emotional overspending
  • Simple and convenient
  • Protects you from higher future costs
  • Affordable payment options, some without interest

Make the wise choice.

You owe it to yourself and your family to investigate the options available and the advantages of pre-planning. Let us help you complete your journey.